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September 20, 2019, 3:42 am | By Jemimah Yusuf

Can you tell us a bit about yourself; family background and how growing up was for you?

My name is Goodwill Adakole Gabriel, also known as Adolestrings I'm the first born of four. I'm a National Diploma holder in Computer Science.

Can you walk us through your musical career, how did it all start?

Well, right from my childhood I've always had passion for music and instruments. I started learning the drums in the year 2006 then I was in my junior secondary school. I played the drum down till 2012 then left the drum and started learning the keyboard which I still do play till date. I was also a backup singer at my local church choir. It was in the year 2013 I found passion for the guitar. I got my first guitar as a gift from a friend. I began learning and writing songs with the guitar of which I never recorded. In 2018 I recorded my first song "Overcome" the outcome and testimony was really refreshing and welcoming.

How have the journey been so far?

The journey have not been easy but God have always proved Himself faithful.

At what period will you describe as a breakthrough for you in this path as a music minister?

I would say when I released the song "Dutsen Ceto". It have been and it's still blessing people. I remember that song came from a heart filled with Joy of whom God is and His unchanging Nature. I remember a message I listened to and I keyed into "The Mystery of Open Heaven" by Apostle Joshua Selman
, there was a declaration he made concerning our ears been open to receive Heavenly sounds, it was not too long that the song came. And after the release all I can say is "it's been God".

What have been the challenges and even temptations along the way? And how have you been tackling them?

Hmm, at a certain stage in my life immorality set in I suffered masturbation and almost got addicted to pornography.

Overcoming, wasn't an easy task; but it was all God really, absolutely. God gave me the victory, to Him be all the Glory.

Who do you mentor after?

I'm honored to be under the mentorship of sir Kingsley Innocent, David Dam, Owie Abutu and others. It's been a great privilege and I've learnt a lot from them. and others.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years to come? What do you see yourself achieving through your music?

God willing In the next few years I hope to have increased the reach cause we never can tell how many people are blessed by the messages we preach through our songs. My heart desire is to create songs/music that will attract the unbelievers into inquiring about God.

What was the inspiration behind your last release "I'm free"?

"I was with a minister friend while we were playing the guitar and worshiping I found myself singing the song "Kei ka sharey hawaye, Kei ka wanke zunubi" (you wiped away my tears, you cleansed my sins), I immediately took out my phone and recorded it. I had the church keyboard with me because I am the instrument director, brought out the keyboard and began playing the song and worshiping; my little brother came in and in few seconds he was already singing along like he had heard the song before, at the end he asked after the song composer, he was surprised to find out I was the one. At the time I wrote the song I only heard the chorus no verse, later on by God's Grace I was able to compose the verses and the bridge; that's how the song was birthed right from the throne room; it was indeed amazing. The song is blessing souls all to the glory of God.

What is advice to other gospel artists like you out there?

My advice to other gospel artists is that we as ministers of God should try our possible best to be as simple as simple can be in humility, this is because, there is a certain level we surely would get to if not by the leading of God we may not know when the spirit of pride sets in, certainly there would be a point were we will start feeling like we have arrived and believe you me, we've not gone anywhere yet. In all, the word of God stands sure, pride is one of the greatest agent of a man's downfall, Proverbs 29:23
A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. Another thing is we should never stop pursuing after God, He's steadfast love never ceases it is new every morning, when you think you've known a lot about this God you've only just begun, there is more. One last thing don't depend on past Glory, don't brag on the past hit song, our job is to go deeper and search for deep things, bring forth life changing and transforming songs of worship, study to show yourself approved unto the Lord not unto man, there is more from where that great song came from, dive in and go deeper. My greatest prayer is I should never be the image men see when they hear my songs, I don't want a situation where they will only say "I love Adole's songs" No, I'm only fulfilled when Christ is Glorified.

Truly when we yield to God, we are bound to soar and every difficulty tends to give way and we are sure to be victorious. Every experience and process is for our edification, building and growth.. God is really good and merciful.

Thank you for your time. We celebrate you

Thank you for having me.

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