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On Sunday, the 24th of March, 2019,at church, the preacher gave a sermon on the topic Character, and really thought to share. The scriptural references were: Gen.1:26; Titus 2:3-5; Eph.4:13; Phil.2:5 & Gal.4:19.

The preacher started with a short story, which I'd also begin with... "There was a young man who was in a relationship with an equally young and pretty lady. He sought to introduce her to his mother, and one day he gave his mother some money to prepare something nice.

Finally, his mother and girlfriend were going to meet, great... On his mother's return from the market, the lady she had two encounters with earlier was right there, shocked as well to see her... Just as she came out of the market, and was about boarding a bus with her heavy purchases and all, there was only space for one, and this young lady got in, paying no consideration to the aged woman who have obvious heavy bags of purchased goods.

The woman asked politely to the lady to let her in while she (the young lady) waits for another vehicle. Rather than oblige, the pretty young lady insulted the woman, and the bus drove off. At the juncture where the lady alighted, another vehicle stopped behind her, and that same woman came down.

There was only one motorcycle rider there, waiting to carry passengers into the quarters, and again, this young lady refused to give her spot to the woman. Minutes later, the woman arrived at her house with a different motorcyclist, and there this young lady was. Yeap, you guessed right. She was indeed the lady whom the guy wanted his mother to meet. And yes again, as you may have guessed, they never got married to each other..."

Now this story, whether fictional or no fictional, I do not know, but I'm sure you already see where I'm heading with this. Also think for a moment, if this lady in question had a different character and approach to the woman. Think the different end the plot would have had.

There are quite a number of general meanings of character. However, in regards to this post, let's consider the following: Character is the sum total of [your] attributes. It is a lifestyle full of values. The values that you birth forth must be values which people, especially the younger generation, will want to emulate.

The fruits you produce in your life either attracts people to you, or sends them off. Therefore, let your character be full of values.

Character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise. Never compromise what God has deposited in you.

The world should not set your values for you to follow; set your values according to Biblical standards for the world to follow.

Character is dedication to a set of standards without wavering. It is self imposed discipline for the sake of morality.

Sometimes, as parents, your own good character is the only legacy you leave for your children. Character opens doors and grants opportunities to you.

Character means integrity. Character is revealed in the way you treat people - people who can help you, and people who needs help from you.

Your character is who you really are. It is the book content, revealed on the front cover in which people judge you from. A believer's character is that image/likeness of God which He transferred to man in creation.

Man was created and designed to be like God in character. A believer's character is what really sets him apart from just every other person around. A person(believer) of character is one who has really come under the control of and has submitted wholly to the Holy Spirit.

The Living Bible introduces Gal.5:22
thus: "But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives He will produce this kind of fruit in us..." and then the verse goes on to list the fruits of the Spirit, which are in actuality God's nature, and the image He created us to replicate.

So really, what does your character reveal about you? WHO ARE YOU?

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