My earnest desire is to grow into all that God has in mind concerning me.

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So can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Family background and what growing up was like.

I am from Akwa Ibom State; was born in Calabar, the last of seven children. Growing up was fun and adventurous. We played with other kids in Polytechnic Staff Quarters, rode bicycles, climbed trees, and so on. I had fun growing up.

Can you walk us through your musical career, how did it all start? Your style of music and acceptance.

In my history, you’ll find Sesame Street - my favorite programs when I was a little girl, and Sunday School - which was a fun place to go with other kids to hear lovely stories from the Bible and sing nice songs. I sang a bit with other kids at Sunday School and eventually performed my first solo ”Jesus Wants Me For A Sun Beam” while in the children’s choir in the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Efut Parish, in Calabar. I was about seven years old then. Being in that choir was my first exposure to a quasi-structured music program. It was short lived though, because I soon left for Secondary School (boarding house).

Next I joined the choir in JS3 and some friends of mine and I formed a music group called ‘Shalom Kids’. During my undergraduate degree program, I was part of The Living Vessels (TLV), the choir of the Fellowship of Christian Students in FUT, Minna - 150man strong. This is where I learnt to write songs and experienced significant growth musically. This is where I also met my husband. I eventually became the Choir leader in my fourth year. It was a very fulfilling experience.

Next stop - Good Tidings Bible Church & Family Worship Center. My stay here was brief because I soon proceeded to Europe for my Masters in Environmental Technology & Management. During this period I continued to minister in the UK, Germany, and Denmark.

I love music as a whole. My style is contemporary, Christian Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Rock... whatever. Just think about the many sided wisdom of God... I find liberty in expressing myself in whatever way. He’s the Lion & the Lamb, Shepherd and King. I mean the same God who created fire made ice. He made day and night, winter and summer, and all the varieties of living things on this planet. So, that’s it. No limits, no boundaries, no boxes.

An exciting effect of this versatility is the fact that many people will find at least one song of mine that they connect to, so you can say my songs cut across.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey so far has been fun, challenging, and interesting. It’s one big adventure and I’m watching closely to see God’s plan unfold and learning as I go along. With every milestone you reach, you turn around and see how you have grown in knowledge, wisdom and how your experience has broadened. So I keep on moving. No idling, no stopping. Forward ever! Big smile.

How did you break through in music?

What I can say is this - I take things a day at a time and I keep pressing to become all I can be, my ultimate self, all that God has in mind concerning me. It would be hard to define a breakthrough point because that mark keeps shifting as we grow and our vision expands. One day all I wanted was to lead a solo in the choir, another day to produce my own songs, and yet another to have God use these songs to touch the world. It keeps shifting and I do what next I realize the need to do.

What are the breakthroughs and achievements you've had through music?

Someone saying they were blessed, healed... or that they use ‘My Whole Life’ to counter a bad temper... a child having something pleasant and loaded with goodness to listen to and dance to, and so on. The fact that there’s a value-add to someone out there that I’ve never met is very rewarding.

What have been the challenges and even temptations along the way? And how have you been tackling them?

Balance. I imagine this is not strange to anyone. Each day we strive to appropriately apportion the most valuable resource we have - our time - to all the significant priorities - God, family, work, ministry, and so on.

I order and reorder my priorities as often as the need arises and based on current circumstances. It’s important to delegate tasks that you don’t need to handle by yourself to other able hands, and to leverage support systems to enable you free you up more time to achieve your goals.

Who is your mentor?

Too many to list. I try to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, especially from people who have gone ahead on this journey and are leaving a good legacy. I pay attention to how they live, what they do well, and even to their mistakes. You know, no one is perfect so I choose the good.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years to come? What do you see yourself achieving through your music?

My earnest desire is to grow into all that God has in mind concerning me. His plan keeps unfolding and I want to keep in step with Him. Where He leads me, I will follow. I want light to come where there was darkness, clarity where there was confusion, joy instead of sorrow, and peace knocking out chaos. This is my desire.

What is your advice to other gospel artists like you?

Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Thank you so much and God bless you.


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It's all about God...... Thanks for bringing this to us.. we love you guys