Failure is not an event but an opinion

July 7, 2018, 3:46 am | By Anigo Francis

Collections of 60 Powerful Quotes from Apostle Johnson Suleiman

1. Been Current with God is the Currency of Life

2. Whoever speaks After God has spoken, is a Noise maker.

3. Revelation without Application is Double Frustration.

4. Your faith is your identity, Not your Physical Structure.

5. The Day you find God in your life, you stop Wondering in life

6. We may be Age - mate, Class - mates and Room - mates but we are definitely not Grace -Mates.

7. Any Pastor who is conscious of his Title, is a Traditional Ruler

8. Sin is a sinker; when you sin you stink and sink.

9. God is not Fast, God is not Slow, God is just on time.

10. If you treat your wife like a dog. She will bite you.

11. Your root determine your fruits.

12. If you are not a believer you are a deceiver.

13. Appreciate His Mightiness despite your littleness!

14. When you praise God in all weather, He will deliver you from all weather!

15. You can pray amiss but you can't praise amiss.

16. When you pray you invite God, when you praise you involve God!

17. If you don't praise God, Satan will erase you!

18. When you praise God, He will Raise you.

19. In the realm of the spirit, your mouth is your line. "A CLOSED MONTH IS A CLOSED DESTINY"

20. Hypocrisy is worse than Witchcraft.

21. If you must fly far and High, You must fly light

22. Without Access in life you are intruder.

23. You are a container carrying a content going to the continents to explode.

24. Your background must not be the reason why your is on the ground!

25. Not strife to be a good Preacher, strife to be a good Christian.

26. No father, No further

27. God does not change but he can change situations.

28. If you keep your mouth shut for long time your mouth will smell and if you keep your mouth in the spirit your destiny expire.......

29. You are loaded to be offloaded! If you are not vocal you will be local! Be angry at those issues that that brought you pain and shame 2015, Enough is a enough.

30. Your habit will determine your habitat. As a Christian you need to work more on your Character than your Christmas.

31. There is no sense having connection to people who matter in life but them not contributing to your life. I don't want to have a connection, which cannot give me collection.

32. We are Serving a God who can turn a pimple into a dimple.

33. "He who kneels the most, Stand the best.

34. Some breakthrough if you're not careful they will break your head.

35. Any doctor in medicine who tell you there's no hope, is a native doctor.

36. The position you take in the place of prayer, determine your position in destiny .

37. If you don't think you will mind.

38. If you have no mind, no one will mind you.

39. Untill you are in His hand you don't conquer the land.

40. In life it's an error to have just one helper.

41. You can't see POWER if you have bad appetite.

42. You can't see POWER if you are not fasting machine.

43. Research is good but revelation is better. You are not called as a semonizer,you are not a semonist, you are a messenger. A message from the heart goes to the heart.

44. It is the revelation of God to you that gives you confidence for calling.

45. When EVIDENCE is on ground EVANGELISM is minimal.

46. When the POWER falls GROWTH is NATURE.

47. "Before you sing victory songs you must have sang a warfare songs"

48. Every turn around a man experience in life is always on the platform of an encounter.

49. If you not radical you can't be classical.

50. When you find yourself in the position to help someone, be happy and feel blessed because God is answering that person's prayer through you. Remember! Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others, so that they y find a way through us.

51. A man without a goal is a goat.

52. Failure is not an event but an opinion.

53. Don't let man make you feel important because you will become impotent.

54. Anointing destory annoying things.

55. No matter what the matter is, you will matter when it matters most God Bless You.

56. The greatest nation is not America, nor Britain, nor even China, it is your mind, that is why it is called imagiNATION

57. A close mouth is a closed destiny.

58. Don't worry when your miracle is delaying, you can start late and remain the latest.

59. You are created because you are needed and no mortal can kill your Dream because you serve an immortal God. Speed is yours today

60. Your performance doesn't increase God. Your performance helps you to go to the next level.

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