June 26, 2018, 12:54 am | By Miss Amami Yusuf

The whole walk of a believer's journey is summed in the word 'submission'... There is just one thing God requires from people, and that is submission: its the only thing we can indeed give back to God. Submission leads to obedience, and anyone living in contrast to that is 'wicked'..(Wickedness in the sight of God is living contrary to His ways, will, and instructions.. The word 'wicked' means evil or mischievous by nature. These are qualities contrary to God's person, and anyone playing out such qualities is not living the nature of God we've been called to exhibit and portray). We must "...let this mind be also in [us] as is in Christ Jesus..." (Phil.2:5 paraphrased).

The only standard way God approves of we showing our love to and for Him is in keeping His commands. We can only prove our love when we submit; submission in turn entails letting go of your will for His, learning to trust and lean entirely on Him, even when it doesn't seem like He'll show up or turn things for our good.. Submission entails accepting His lordship as partner and friend in your life, and surrendering all...submission is listening for His voice, and acting out His desires; submission is letting Him lead... Selah.

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