October 16, 2017, 8:57 pm | By Miss Amami Yusuf

God is King, and King sovereign. Even before a man is, He predestines and preordains him.

However He has given to each man a will and a choice. He never imposes nor enforces His own desires on anyone.

Though He is supreme and ultimate, His eyes search through the earth for one who will convey His message to the people. Just like He asked in Isaiah 6:8 saying, "...whom will I send, and who will go for us?". He is after all, God over all. He could simply have just picked anyone to do His will. He could just have picked any random guy,charismatic or not and say, " hey you! Do this, and ask no questions. " But no!

That is not the picture He desires to imprint in the hearts of His beloved. He is not just God; He is a compassionate Father.

He searches for those who are willing. He searches for those whose will,choice, and ways are in alignment with His.

The prophet Isaiah,showed a willingness to be the vessel who would carry God's message at the particular time. It was only after he volunteered to be God's mouthpiece, did God entrust Him with the message for His people. Note that it was only after Isaiah said, " am I! Send me" [vs.8], did God give him the command to 'Go!'

Now here's the thing; yes God has preordained you- I mean we all have a God-given ministry and call,but until you show some level of responsibility and willingness, He will not entrust you with His work...

In every man is a possible vessel for God's work. However, if you don't show a readiness for service, you will remain an empty one,or a vessel indeed but carrying the wrong message, to the wrong audience, and for the wrong employer.

To whomever He has preordained, to him He has also empowered; your willingness and responsibility is what unlocks such empowerment.#Shalom...

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